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Sometimes the stories are universal. 

At others the plots contain delightful and surprising twists.

Salaam eBooks Series

The it’s more books picture-book project selects picture books from around the world that speak directly to the hearts of children, unaffected by politics or religion, and delivers them in faithful translation to a worldwide audience. 

Sharing excellent books via the Internet, encountering and interpreting stories and understanding the cultures that give rise to them, through pictures and words…


These picture books tell their stories in the languages of the countries that created them; English, the world’s lingua franca; and Japanese, the language of Japan. Where possible, we provide audio of the stories being read aloud, to offer a flavor of the language of origin.

'Salaam eBooks' are a series of apps that combine superb picture books from Iran with Japanese and English translations, audio of the story read aloud in the original Persian, and adorable animation, all in a single digital package. With each new installment, the 'Salaam eBooks' series will continue to introduce the world of Islamic picture books to unfamiliar audiences in Japan. Enjoy the cadences of spoken Persian while beautiful animations of butterflies in flight and swaying flower petals soothe your soul.

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