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Tokyo is suffused with cultural influences from around the globe.

And yet we in Japan know so little about Islamic culture.

We yearn for encounters with art that is free of stereotypical depictions of Islam.

The 'Salaam eBooks' series is the first in the it’s more books series of picture books and storybooks from around the world. Each book is published in the original language as well as Japanese and English, with read-aloud audio accompaniment. In the first of these, a picture book, we encounter Iran as most people in Japan have never seen it. Lush artwork, portraying exotic and fascinating milieux, weaves together with a story that is simple yet rich in emotional depth. Audio accompaniment reads the story aloud in English, Japanese and Persian, though the animations tell a fascinating story all on their own.

We are continuing to release installments of this series of short yet compelling stories that touch children and adults alike.

Picture books filled with the daily lives of ordinary people and the dreams of children in Iran paint a picture of a world virtually unknown in Japan.

Immerse yourself in a read-aloud experience in pictures, stories, music and the sounds of the local language.


The series consists of storybooks and picture books sold, or not yet sold, in countries worldwide, presented in the original language as well as in English and Japanese translation, with read-aloud audio accompaniment. Depending on the version, Flash animation or an original theme song may be included.


Iran Team

Producer and director : Jalal Vaziri

Programming: Sohrab Ahmadi


Japan Team

Producer: Akiko Seki ( it’s more company )

Translator, Coordinator: Keiko Aiko ( salam x2 )

Technical: Rag Be Inc.



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